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Karishma Hotwani
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 1

I am one of the few abundantly blessed persons who got the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the real world from CS Vikas Vohra! He explained the most "high-fundu" concepts in the simplest manner possible and engraved them on the walls of our brains. Law is very flexible where numerous possibilities, situations, ifs, and buts exist, he made sure to address all of them. The questions raised, illustrations, real-life scenarios, and his subtle humor kept us engrossed in the lectures and developed the interest in the subjects. He has been graciously adorned with rich knowledge, experience and finest traits of patience, humbleness, and perseverance which every student seeks in a teacher.  Do not miss an opportunity to get your knowledge honed from him!

Mayur Jaisingh
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 7 th, CS Professional 24 th

Vikas Sir made the bulky books in CS curriculum look simple and interesting. I genuinely feel that sir’s style of teaching has a rhythm to it that makes one listen consciously and with full concentration.
I’ve always been amazed by the clarity with which sir explains a particular topic. He covers all the possible circumventions with utmost ease. And that makes you long for more and leaves you with a certain level of excitement for the next lecture. I don’t attend the lectures anymore but I can say I’m
his student for life as my mind is able to automatically recall the examples and his explanations whenever required. Now that the videos are out on YouTube, it’ll be a very good opportunity for the students who don’t have access to his live lectures to experience the intensity with which sir conducts his classroom.

Anisha Raheja
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 3 rd, CS Executive 20 th , CS Professional 9 th

Vikas sir teaches in one of the easiest & simple ways. His understanding of subjects and his unconventional teaching methods bring alive the most boring concepts. I was fortunate enough to be tutored by him throughout my CS course. Vikas Sir has been more of a mentor and friend in addition to being a teacher. I’ve been able to clear all the three levels of the CS course in the first attempt with All India Ranks at all levels. Thanks to his support!

Aryan Loka
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 16 th

Your videos are just great. You explain all the concepts in such a way that I don’t even have to refer my textbooks once again. You use the simplest possible language which is much beyond what’s in the books. It leads to a lot of stress for students when we can’t stand too much of new concepts in a chapter. But your videos make the learning of a new concept enjoyable. I really appreciate your bold attempt to make videos for us which are extremely useful. Keep up your good work. The hard work that you might have put into doing these videos really shows what a great person you should be.mextremely grateful to you. Thanks a lot.

Moksha Oswal
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 19 th

Thank you doesn’t adequately express the gratitude for the experience I had in your classroom. I have never enjoyed learning so much before, the way I did in your lectures. You have filled my head with knowledge, yet you have also filled my heart with the love of learning. In your classroom, you wore more than just the hat of the teacher. You were a listener, helper, coach, and cheerleader as well. Thank you for being able to wear all these hats at once while making a difference. Throughout the year, you helped me to get rid of all academic fear, except one – what would one do without the teacher like you? Thank you for being a life changer, mind shaper, and future maker.

Harshal Rathi
CS Foundation ALL INDIA RANK 18 th

When it comes to teaching he ticks all the boxes.
* Provisions.
* Examples.
* Cases.
* Writing Practice.
* Casebook (yay)
* Interactive Batch
The lively yet warm atmosphere makes the batch lively and welcoming to every student out there. His flowcharts make sure that you never miss an important point while writing your answer!
PS: He doesn’t charge anything for the best life tips during lectures!

About the Professor

Faculty for Law for CA, CS & CMA Courses in Pune. Popularly known as Corporate Baba amongst his students

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